About English on a Roll® - the English Grammar Teaching Game by Linda H. Koran

English on a Roll®, Linda H. Koran's English Grammar Teaching Game, is a fun, hands-on group activity that encourages practice, builds vocabulary and promotes rapid learning of the complex rules of English grammar. Based on proven Multisensory Structured Language Learning techniques, English on a Roll® uses all learning pathways in the brain simultaneously: visual and auditory (see/hear/say), kinesthetic-tactile (hands-on manipulative), and read/write repetition.

Whether you’re new to teaching or homeschooling, or an experienced teacher looking for new school supplies or ways to engage students, you’ll love this English grammar teaching game, manual, and workbook all-in-one. Students have so much fun learning with English on a Roll® they’ll spend hours ‘playing’ with it, all the while getting the practice they need to master the English language.

Starting with the easiest and most basic elements of grammar, the 37 detailed lesson plans in the Book One Teacher’s manual progress methodically to more difficult concepts, resulting in systematic and cumulative learning.

The durable sets of 40 English on a Roll® Word Cubes are color-coded by parts of speech, and each cube keeps related words and verb forms together — which makes learning syntax, vocabulary and new word associations a snap. Students build sentences with the Word Cubes, then roll and rearrange one or more cubes to learn all grammar syntax variations.  A single Word Cube set can be used by up to 6 students at a time.  Order one of our Flexible Class Size Bundles for larger classes.

English on a Roll® is used to teach all levels of English Language Learners (ELL) ages 5 through adult, as well as English as a Second or Foreign Language (ESL or EFL), in public and private schools (K-12 through college), and for home schooling, English language tutoring, literacy programs, Montessori, special education, speech therapy, Autistic and Dyslexic programs and more.