Teachers on Roll FAQs

Below are frequently asked questions about our store and products.  If you don't find an answer to your question here, please contact us!

This page is under construction -- we are adding to it every day.  Thanks for your patience!

General Questions

How can I contact you?

You can use our Contact Us form, or e-mail us directly at teachersonaroll@gmail.com.

Hey, I spotted a typo, misspelling or (heaven forbid) grammatical error on your site.  What should I do?

Please Contact Us and let us know what page it's on.  We love being corrected, and we'll fix it right away!

Institutional & International Buyers

Are you on my school's approved supplier list?

We are working to become an approved supplier for public and private school systems.  If we aren't on your list of approved sellers, please help us become one!  Let us know who we should contact in your administration to become an approved source for teacher's materials: Contact Us.

As we become approved with more schools, universities and other organizations, we will list them on our site for your convenience.  Check back soon!

If Amazon.com is on your list of approved sellers, we also sell many of our products, including English on a Roll®, in our Amazon Store, WriteCraft Pacific Northwest.

Orders & Payments




Returns & Cancellations